Client Experience Specialist


  • Making Others Feel Special and Valued?

  • Learning?

  • Meeting and Talking With a Variety of Amazing People?

  • Having a truly pivotal role in a company that helps people transform their lives through pain relief without drugs or surgery?


We need help keeping our physical therapy clinic running efficiently while ensuring clients always know they’ll be welcomed with a smile in a healing environment.


Before we dive into roles and tasks, let me give a quick background on the company and why this position is going to be so important…

Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy was founded in 2014 by me, Wesley Miller, PT, FAAOMPT.  I started here in Asheville as a physical therapist right out of graduate school in 2003 and have been taking care of the health of folks in Western North Carolina ever since. I spent a year at University of Illinois-Chicago for a post-graduate fellowship in manual therapy, and use that to provide top-level PT services to anyone from olympic hopefuls to those whose pain or loss of mobility has left them with very little hope at all.

I love being out in the woods, and Asheville is home.  I love getting to know our clients - they are interesting people doing amazing things in the world, and the clinic has a warm, relaxing vibe. This feeling is intentional and important—I want a safe, healing space for my clients.  We provide award-winning physical therapy services - seriously, we win awards - by making sure we assess and strive to meet each client’s needs

We work as a team, and each team player has roles, but if a therapist is the only one around she will answer the phone or change a sheet, because that is part of keeping the clinic running well.

The person in this position will have just as big a role in making that happen as the physical therapists do ... probably even bigger.


This job could be best described as a mix of “Office Administrator” and “Receptionist.” Though you will work in the clinic’s waiting area and perform the usual duties of a receptionist, you will also be taking care of many other administrative (and even some marketing) duties.  

You will work in conjunction with the owner, the other therapist(s), and the marketing maestro to make sure the clinic runs like clockwork.

This is a FULL TIME position at 5 days per week.  The schedule is worked out between our team, and work days are planned in advance.

Here are the primary attributes a candidate must have for this key role in our company:

  • Desires to make people feel valued

  • Communicates empathetically & effectively with clients and co-workers

  • Willing to learn and implement feedback

  • Attentive to detail

  • Self-Starter

  • Skilled as organizational wizard (or witch) 

We are looking for a candidate who is able to adhere to the following core values:

People First, Patient Second: See the person as a human being and relate with them on that level, then find out what they need and figure out how we can deliver.  We believe that the person who walks in our door is the 1st priority.

Pursue Growth and Learning: We are a company of self-starters who are never satisfied with the status-quo. We are always learning and not afraid to try new things. Personal growth and development using open and honest communication and regular feedback is vital to our success.

Keep It Positive: We help clients achieve positive and hopeful outcomes. Pain can be normal, our goal is to help our clients understand what it means.

Do More With Less: We keep things simple. We’re continually working to automate and streamline our processes so we can focus on transforming lives.

Be Fully PresentGive clients and your role at the company 100% attention.

Model Healthy and Active Lifestyle: Exercise regularly, get treatment if you need it; be proactive about your well-being for clients, friends & family.

Create Community: Patients are part of the Anti-Fragile PT community until they decide to leave.  Employees and staff are also connected and invested in serving the long-term goals and mission of our practice. We are a family!


The successful candidate will work for the owner of the business to ensure that these core values are present in the day to day running of the business – and ultimately, responsible for the successful growth of the business.

All hiring at Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy is made with these Core Values firmly in mind and we look forward to discussing them more with you at the interview - when we can also discuss other benefits and incentives of you choosing to join our team.

Excellent speaking/communication skills are also imperative. Outside of greeting and communicating with clients, the office administrator will be responsible for taking and returning phone calls as well as occasionally making calls to other healthcare offices.

And finally, you need to know your way around the computer pretty well.  We use a cloud-based scheduling system, Google Suite for documentation and communication, and the basic socials (Facebook, IG, YouTube) and a Wix drag and drop website.  All things about which you will need some basic familiarity and a willingness to learn. 

Please re-read the last few paragraphs and core values again and make sure you deeply believe they describe you. Every characteristic is highly important and written very deliberately.


If they do describe you, we would love to meet you!

the granular details

  • Being a warm and welcoming ambassador of the company - greeting clients when they arrive, getting them water, taking payments, and scheduling future appointments.

  • Answering the phone and returning client and prospective client calls in a positive, hopeful manner. (You will be provided with guidance or scripts to many of your phone conversations...especially with prospective client calls. It is important you are open to coaching and guidance on how to manage and process phone calls, because in many ways you will be our frontline ‘salesperson’)

  • Coordinating and emailing receipts for clients

  • Being a grammar, spelling, and punctuation champion when sending and responding to emails

  • Filing / Scanning / Faxing paperwork

  • Connecting with people

  • Ordering office supplies

  • Being stoked to have a job where people love and appreciate you and value your presence every day

  • Maintaining and managing the office’s "customer relationship management" files

  • Learning all about the exciting world of social media and online marketing

  • Be flexible in your working hours

  • Be responsible for limiting “drop-offs” - Clients who book appointments and then drop off are not good for either parties involved. Because of that, you will be required to be proactive in making regular re-activation phone calls to the people who have dropped off our schedule

  • Being responsible for maintaining your own personal movement practice and taking care of your body at least 3 days a week. That may include walking, running, yoga, weight training, crossfit, cycling, etc.

  • Just being awesome in general and addressing things that could make a huge difference to the way the business runs as they appear

how to apply

Thanks for reading this far! You're already showing some of the characteristics we are looking for so if you’re interested in applying for this position, pop in your email address here and we’ll email you back on how to let us know you’re a good fit for us.  

Thanks for submitting!

Wesley Miller, PT, FAAOMPT

Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy, Owner

2020 Best of WNC - Physical Therapist - 1st Place

2019 Best Physical Therapist - Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine