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We realize that some people may be unsure if Anti-Fragile PT is the right fit for them. It could be reasons that you're not sure if it'll work, or that we can't help with your specific problem or that you had a bad experience in the past. If that sounds like you and you'd like to come in and see for yourself how Anti-Fragile PT can help you, please fill out this short form below and tell us more, so we can answer your questions:

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If you're not quite ready to go ahead and book an appointment with Anti-Fragile PT right now or you have some questions and think it would be beneficial to talk with someone at Anti-Fragile PT first, so you can be 100% sure that we can help you, click the button below and fill out this short form to schedule a call and one of our PTs will answer all the questions you have over the phone, completely for free:



 Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy, LLC is a one-on-one physical therapy practice in North Asheville. With a professional focus on client-centered care, our goal is to provide high-quality physical therapy specific to your goals and needs. We provide evidence-based assessment, relevant patient education, expert manual therapy, corrective exercise, and neuromuscular running/gait training or medical bike fitting.


Fragile = Weakens under stress
Resilient = Returns to original state under stress
Anti-fragile = Gains from stress

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"Awesome -- thank you so much Jeff for your thorough evaluation of my muscle tension and prescribing me additional exercises"

—  Marilyn, K.

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