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Sports Injury



Anti-Fragile PT provides various programs for sports rehab and performance. We guide athletes of all levels to reach their goals. Anyone can benefit when striving to accomplish greater fitness levels and performance optimization, while simultaneously minimizing injury risks.   

Rest or stopping is not an option. Have you had a persistent pain that you expected to resolve given the right amount of rest time, Google search or potion? By searching for a possible cause and a solution to the obstacle, we help you recover to a time before when things were more manageable. Do you need a training plan adjustment, oh wait you're telling me I should be cross training? Many athletes do not realize their full potential or recover improperly due to an inadequate training program. We work to develop or enhance the cross training elements to your spot.

What else fuels getting to where you want to be? You can expect a holistic look at other factors of recovery and prevention. We will review additional body hacks such as stress, rest/sleep, and nutrition to see what is missing for maximal performance.


Running Gait Analysis

There are many different running patterns, but some are perhaps more efficient than others. There could there be something about your running form that is leading to a new or recurrent injury. We specialize in runners of all ages and distances. Our team offers running and gait analysis in order to improve running (or walking) mechanics, efficiency and prevent injuries. We're also there for any last minute tune ups before a big race or event. Be prepared for a personalized thorough look at your strength, mobility-flexibility, shoe wear considerations, tissue tolerance, and of course an in-depth look at your form (often through video-capture technology). Based on findings, we'll help you optimize your approach to recovery, cross-training, running your best and the next steps to optimizing your plan.

Biomechanical Bike Fitting

Your time on your bike could be vastly improved - whether from a reduction in pain or an increase in performance capacity or aerodynamics - from an expert in movement and biomechanics systematically going over your bicycle. Whether enduro, gravel, cross country, downhill, time trial, triathlon, road, commuter, recumbent…we’ve got you covered.  

Wesley Miller, PT, FAAOMPT has been doing bike fits for world champions and casual riders alike for nearly 20 years here in Asheville.  Not to mention he's pedaled a few miles himself.


Just a few of the benefits are: 

  • Improved performance

  • Streamlining position 

  • Increase power output

  • Improved aerodynamics

  • Optimal Equipment

  • Pedal / Cleat alignment optimization

>>Take a closer look into our Bike Fitting process and how we can best serve you in the seat!<<

Concussion Management 

We see many athletes for post-concussion symptoms. This is an often underreported brain injury that approximately 4 million people may suffer each year according to the CDC. Your physical therapist will guide you through symptom management and return to your prior level of function, either at home, school, work or on the field. It is extremely important to work with your therapist to find the appropriate level of activity, use of electronics and rest, as you can do more harm by being too active or too sedentary following injury. No two concussions are the same and we have some helpful tips in the vestibular section for common symptoms (dizziness, headaches, fatigue, balance issues, sensitivity to light or environment) and recovery strategies. However, we strongly recommend that you find a provider that will personalize your best recovery plan.

Training Plan Modifications

If you are a seasoned athlete, you understand the importance of a consistent and progressive training plan; adherence to weekly benchmarks are key to getting the most out of your workouts and training cycle. Many people AVOID going to a physical therapist because they’re worried the whole plan will have to get thrown out the window and they will be FORCED to rest and have to completely abandon their plan.  

Not true.  

We pride ourselves on having a strong working knowledge of training cycles - whether for power sports, endurance activities, weightlifting, or just improving your overall fitness capacity. We train hard ourselves, and have the ability to speak into the importance of not just the workouts, but the cross-training, nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery, and other components that may be affecting your ability to get the most out of your body.  

We love to work with you and/or your coach, trainer, or other professional you’re using to push the edges of your capacity, and the Anti-Fragile PT team can create personalized plans to help you modify your training, in case of an injury, help work to identify imbalances or training errors, or develop a framework or warm up strategy that can keep injuries from occurring in the first place.

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