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Current Openings: Physical Therapist

Hey Everybody!

We have the job that every physical therapist wants. 


Motivated Clients.


Cash-based Clinic.  


Real Community Involvement.


Exceptional Co-Workers.


Exceptional Care AS THE RULE.


Work/Life Balance. 


Does that sound pretty good?  


It is.


Now, it can be yours, too. 

We’re looking for a certain person. Is it you? If you meet these criteria…

​1. This therapist will have to be motivated by providing the best care to our community – not just being the best physical therapist, but we separate ourselves by providing the best experience from start to finish.  

2. This therapist will have to be CURIOUS. Obviously about digging into the root of the issues of the client in front of you, but also about learning more about that PERSON.

3. And we won’t tolerate a therapist who isn’t willing to be critical about their own skills. Not willing to put your work up against the scientific method and examine clinical thinking? Don’t bother applying.  

4. We are looking for someone who can be an example to their clients of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. We aren’t looking for Olympic athletes (though that would be fine), but someone who demonstrates that they value their own health – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – and can speak from a place of honesty when working with their clients on what it means to heal and be healthy. 

5. This therapist must be interested in mentorship or a collaborative relationship.  They won’t be simply coached on the best techniques, but on how to help clients make good decisions on their health and impart the value of physical therapy.

6. This therapist will also have to be comfortable with high levels of transparency. We are open, honest, and as a team motivated to figure out how to provide exceptional service to our clients. There will be vulnerability and accountability, because both are necessary to grow. 

7. We are open to people having a stake in ownership. Show us you love this community, and we will make sure you can have skin in the game.  

This position will initially be 32 hours full time, which will be a combination of client care, mentoring, marketing, training, content creation, education. As you grow, we will tailor your work to your strengths and passions. New and innovative ideas on providing client care? We’re open. Want to build content? We’ve already got pieces in place to help.

This is the end of the ad.  If you’re not on the edge of your seat, don’t bother applying.  

If you are interested, here’s the process: 

We are a high-value, high-service cash-pay clinic and we do need to ask for payment from patients in order to provide such a service. This is not your typical corporate clinic.

To apply, please send your resume, along with a cover letter detailing why you think you’d be a great fit to join our team, to You may also call our office for more information at (828) 242-0343.  

Lastly, we’d also like for you to share a video either on YouTube or through Google Drive that is between 2-3 minutes long.  

Tell us a story about what gets you excited! 

*Fun Fact!* The featured picture above was taken during our annual Holiday Fun Run up to Big Bald last year. This is just one of the many company outings we love to take to not only get some fresh mountain air, but also to grow and connect as a team. And no, being a trail runner is not a requirement (although it never hurts!), but we do value someone who also shares their love for being active outside!

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