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One-on-one care.  Flexibility in treatment time, location, and focus every time.  Reassessment and review of goals every single visit.  Sending a message to your therapist and knowing that not only will in reach them, but they will be the one getting back in touch.  

We offer these services as non-participating providers - we will provide you the best care regardless of your insurer.

Complete New Client Session (Most Common)

This is the best choice for your initial session.  We will dig into a full history of your movement and pain issues - based on what is important to you, set goals for your course of therapy, go through a comprehensive movement exam including strength, flexibility, dynamic movements and hands-on manual therapy evaluation, put it all together with a diagnosis and plan to reach your goals, AND time to start treatment day one, so you leave feeling better than when you walked in the door.

Complete Complex New Client Session

If you have a complex issue and are looking to dig deep into both the assessment AND treatment of an issue, whether acute or chronic.  If you feel like you are dealing with a laundry list of aches, pains, or injuries, this is the session that allows us to look and test those relationships, or address both hands-on treatment, corrective exercise, and coordinating your plan for the gym or training moving forward.  If you are traveling some distance for our services, this allows us to make sure all loose ends are tied up.  


Use this session for a complete functional running assessment or biomedical bike fitting services.

Basic New Client Session

The first visit will be an hour to address medical history, movement analysis, prognosis and plan. We will always make time for treatment the first day unless the history or assessment proves overly challenging. If you KNOW your case is challenging or we will go across the street to the trails at Beaver Lake for a running assessment, we would encourage you to block longer.

Established Client Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes; Most Common)

As short as 30 minutes, as long as 2 hours, we assure that each follow up session is tailored to your needs to follow up with our therapists, EVEN IF SOMETHING NEW POPS UP.  One of our biggest frustrations with standard physical therapy is if you wanted to explore a new area or injury, you couldn't have it addressed at your session because of insurance or time restrictions, and you may have even required you to go back to a physician first! NEVER at AntiFragile PT.  We will focus on YOUR goals on YOUR schedule and work on what is important to YOU.  

Treatment Packages

Clients have requested we offer packages of treatments to invest in their health and wellness.  Some gift visits to friends, family, or complete strangers.  Others just hate financial transactions around the healing process.  Regardless, we hear you. What can you expect? An in-depth analysis with your sport, video analysis, supportive exercise program, assistance in resistance stretching, office ergonomics, excellent referrals for other services to maintain health, consistent communication, direct contact with your therapist, and flexible scheduling. 

Check out our packages below to find which one works best for you! 

The Spark - Commit to 5 visits and you will receive 1 FREE session on us!

The Phoenix Rises - Commit to 9 visits and you will receive 2 FREE sessions on us!

Payment Options, Plans and Receipts 

Payment options at Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy services accepts cash, check, all major credit card, gold, and/or priceless artwork.  In addition, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are generally accepted for physical therapy services, whether you have a debit card or pay with other means to apply for reimbursement.

Payment Plans are also available and will be assessed on an individual basis.  Please don't let money get in the way of the care you need

Receipts are available on request following payment. They can be electronically mailed to you or picked up, and will have diagnostic and coding typically sufficient for submission for out-of-network benefits or to injury lawyers, reimbursement for health-share programs, or for your personal tax records.  If you have specific needs, let us know and we will work without in capacity to provide you with all the documentation you need to file independently.

NOTE: Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy does offer discounts for advanced payment of sessions and/or for members of certain partner organizations and community groups.  Let us know at time of payment if that includes you!

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