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My Iceman Experience

The Iceman (Wim Hof) Method workshop in Linville Gorge Wilderness over the weekend with an amazing and diverse group - from the super fit to those looking for healing of all sorts. Luke White and Tate Mctate (great name, right?!?!) facilitated a great workshop

Want to know what I use to focus my mind and heal my body? How do I work on being Anti-Fragile? This is it.

Focus, Breath, and Cold; 1. Focus to quiet my monkey-mind, 2. breath work to work on postural muscle control and oxygenation, and 3. cold exposure to stimulate my circulatory and immune system

Not to mention simply steel myself against purposeful stress - to be uncomfortable, to push the boundaries and come out just a little better on the other side. The few miles of barefoot hiking down to the river was just icing on the cake.

I'll have some thoughts in the near future on the application of these concepts personally and professionally - some of the things I've gained from using these simple techniques myself parallel many of the things I've tried to facilitate in many of my clients. Interested? Want to know a bit Shout out and I'll chat at length about it - just ask any of my clients ;)

FYI - water in the shade was probably ~47 degrees. Spent a good 10 minutes in there total and would have sat for more!

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