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Wes on the Cash PT Lunch Hour

Hey! Lots happening in the Anti-Fragile PT world these days. Mountain Xpress Best of top 3 PT award, moving into a new space (bigger! better!) at 959 Merrimon Ave Suite 103,

and even more to announcements t come, so stay tuned!

I wanted to share this interview I did at the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association advocacy day in Raleigh over a delicious Korean fusion lunch . I spent the morning advocating for access to optimal physical therapy care, and then lunched with Aaron Lebauer on the record.

Aaron is manual therapist out of Greensboro who is the expert in a direct care practice model - the same type you get at Anti-Fragile Physical Therapy. Anyone who has been in the office knows I spend my time trouble-shooting your issues, not packing in clients. Hear a bit more about my story here.

Podcast - Cash PT Lunch Hour with Aaron Lebauer

Video - Cash PT Lunch Hour

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