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How To Stop Running Injuries Wrecking Your Marathon Training

If you're training for a marathon, but struggling with running injuries, we understand how frustrated you may be.

Your ambitious goal to hit your fastest marathon time feels a million miles away, and it's so demoralizing to feel like you're stuck and unable to make progress because of injuries.

While your friends and family might think you're a little crazy for running marathons, and generally pushing yourself way beyond the average person, we truly get it.

Our team all have sporting or active backgrounds, and we know the rush of hitting your target and love the feeling of training hard too.

So what should you do if running injuries are wrecking your marathon training?

There are lots of potential solutions, but here are three powerful strategies that are often overlooked or ignored by marathon runners - despite being proven to work, and being extremely effective.

When Should You Change Your Running Shoes?

Running with poorly fitting, or worn-out footwear can have a big impact on your body's ability to handle your marathon training.

As you prepare and increase your mileage as you get closer to the race date, small problems with your footwear can build up and end with a serious problem when running.

And poorly fitting running shoes don't just cause foot and ankle pain.

Your footwear could be causing tightness in your calves or hips, or making your post-run DOMS way worse than usual.

Many runners will spend a lot of their hard-earned money on running shoes but don't really know what they're looking for, or what they need - and this is a BIG mistake.

One of the ways we help runners keep injury-free during training is with Footwear Evaluations where you can find out exactly how your current footwear is impacting your body, and how different footwear or orthotic inserts may help.

Stop Guessing, Truly Understand How Your Running Gait Impacts You

As someone who has a lot of experience with running, you probably feel that your running gait and how you run aren't the issue.

However, it's difficult to truly know this unless you get some objective data, and an evaluation from an expert who understands what they are looking for.

So, if you are constantly battling running injuries, whether that's a pain in your knee, tightness in your lower back or you are simply struggling to get faster.

Consider that the way you run, and your body mechanics aren't quite right.

If you don't fix this, then you can expect that your aches, pains and injuries will keep coming back, and that you'll NEVER beat your personal best marathon time.

That's why we offer runners who want to get long-term relief from injuries, and to improve their performance our Running Gait Analysis appointments.

How Can You Recover Faster From Your Runs?

At our clinic, you have access to a team of extensively trained experts who can create a treatment plan that is tailored to you and therefore delivers the best results.

We are very different from the things you've tried before - getting massages, visiting a chiropractor, or trying random stretches you find online.

As well as relieving aches and pains through dry needling, manual therapy, and physical therapy, we go much further to identify exactly why you're in pain, which is why people who visit our clinic get results that no one else can deliver.

If you're serious about hitting your marathon goal, you need to optimize your recovery because training hard is going to be essential.

And to train hard, you need to stay injury-free which is where we come in.

How Can I Learn More About Stopping Running Injuries That Are Ruining My Marathon Training?

To learn about any of the strategies, or treatments above, you can arrange a Free Marathon-Ready Consultation (worth $121).

This helps you understand what you’re doing right, and what might be going wrong, as well as giving you clarity over the next steps to finally be able to resume training and get ready to run your marathon.

Due to high demand at our clinic, the Free Marathon-Ready Consultations are limited, so contact us now on 828-242-0343 or click the link below:

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