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Breaking The Silence Over 4 Damaging Myths About Women's Health

Becoming a mother is an extraordinary journey filled with love, joy, and moments that redefine your life.

However, it can also bring challenges, many of which are exacerbated by common myths that cause a lot of harm, and we believe need debunking.

In this blog, you can learn about four of the most damaging myths that have left new moms struggling with incontinence, painful sex, and pelvic pain that prevents them from enjoying motherhood, exercise, and being able to live their normal life.

Women's Health Myth 1: "It's Normal, Just Accept It"

One of the most harmful myths that new moms often hear is that incontinence, painful sex, and pelvic pain are normal consequences of childbirth and should be accepted as a part of motherhood.

This belief causes so much unnecessary suffering as it prevents mothers from seeking the help they need and deserve.

The truth is that while these issues can occur, they are not "normal.".

They are treatable conditions, and you don't have to endure them in silence.

Women's Health Myth 2: "Sex Will Eventually Get Better"

Another damaging myth is the idea that painful sex after childbirth is temporary and will naturally resolve itself.

This misconception can lead to prolonged discomfort, and place a strain on relationships due to a lack of intimacy.

Sexual health is an essential aspect of your overall well-being, and despite what you may have heard or read, it shouldn't be painful.

There are various treatments and techniques that can help you regain a fulfilling and pain-free sex life.

First, it's important to have open conversations with your partner, and then speak to an expert in pelvic floor and women's health expert to find solutions that work for you.

Women's Health Myth 3: "Exercise Will Make It Worse"

Many new moms are led to believe that exercise can exacerbate their pelvic pain or incontinence issues, causing them to avoid physical activity altogether.

This myth can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which is not only detrimental to physical health but also impacts mental well-being.

In reality, exercise, when done correctly and with guidance, can be incredibly beneficial for new moms.

And we know lots of our patients love to work out, and play sports, and it's a part of their identity.

So losing the ability to do this is a serious problem.

Strengthening the pelvic floor and engaging in postpartum exercises can help alleviate symptoms and enhance your overall health.

But it's important to do the right exercises for your unique situation - as doing random exercises without a true understanding of your problem can actually lead to more problems.

Women's Health Myth 4: "It's Just Part of Motherhood"

Perhaps the most widespread myth is the belief that suffering in silence is just part of being a mother.

And it leads to feelings of isolation and despair.

Which prevents new moms from seeking the help and support they need.

Remember that motherhood should not mean sacrificing your physical and emotional well-being.

You are not alone in your journey, and we are here to help you overcome these challenges.

Speak To A Women's Health Expert For Free

Incontinence, painful sex, and pelvic pain should not define your experience of being a mom.

So to help you we're offering a limited number of FREE Women's Health Consultations (worth $142) with our specialist team.

This gives you time to speak on a 1-1 basis and share your story.

From there, you can get your questions answered, get personalized advice, and learn about the safe, proven and natural treatments suited to your unique circumstances.

To book your FREE Women's Health Consultations (worth $142), click HERE or call us 828-242-0343.

Meet Leading Women's Health Specialist, Dr Annie Barnes

Dr Annie Barnes is a specialist in pelvic floor and women's health, with extensive training and a proven track record of helping moms just like you.

As a mom of 2, and someone who's undergone hip surgery, Annie truly understands the challenges moms face.

Annie shared: "I’m passionate about helping my patients achieve long-lasting improvement even when other approaches have failed, and returning to truly living & enjoying the life they were meant to live.

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